Reasons for BSC AMP Closing

4 min readJul 8, 2021

Dear Community, We apologize for what happened for what happened. We built the project with million dreams and worked hard for 7 months. But due to Wrong selection of Market Maker, We had completely lost our reputation. Here is the complete info regarding the things went wrong.

What People thought?

After listing, Price quickly decreased from ATH and some time stable at 0.10$ and then the price went 0.04$. Because of that, People started tracking what happens and found 2.5 Millions are released from contract address before Claim time and 600k tokens has been dumped before the IDO claim time. Community thought TEAM only dumping the all tokens and asked for REFUND. Then both IDO Platforms are announced Refund. Community thought BSC AMP did a Scammy thing, that’s why they announced refund.

What really happened?

Because of high pressure from BSCLaunch, We accepted IMM as our Market Maker instead of Darkpool and Blue Block which initially want to go through as per our advisor’s suggestion. Then IMM Promised us to deliver ATH of 15x and will stable at 4x-8x. We thought it was a nice deal and accepted. But 20 minutes before IDO, they forced to change the IDO date. But moonstarted didn’t accepted that. So, we continued.

Then he started asking 100k more than our deal. I said “ No” and “ Refund our money if you are unable to that “. He said OK, we can do.

Then the Actual drama is started, He sold out 600k tokens and make the price fallen to 0.05$. When we asked IMM about this, he was asking again100k more to push the price and blaming us for not postponing the IDO.

Here is the proof. Deeply go through the transactions, you will find all the answers.

Then Moonstarter asked us, “What happened, why price is dumping and why you sent 2.5M to other wallet “. Then I explained that it happened because of IMM which gave fake promises and soldout our tokens.

Moonstarter team asked us for COMMUNITY REFUND as they effected because of IMM which we had went with as our MM. We accepted as “ We did the fault by choosing them “.

There comes the Main Scammer BSCLaunch, Which also announces the refund after moonstarter announcement without our permission. They even didn’t inform me and also they didn’t had right to refund our funds as they are responsible for our downfall. They even need to compensate us but not even replying.

Here are some proof’s that shows BSCLaunch and IMM are the responsible for Price down and they are big scammers.


BSCLaunch and IMM both teams are same. Inorder to gain more money, they are making so many projects and launching on BSCLaunch.

HOW BSCLaunch forced us to go with IMM and gave lot of fake Promises

They manipulated us to go with IMM.

Here you can see, how worstly VINCENT responded and other proof of IMM Failure.

Here are Proofs that VINCENT accepted to make stable at 4X-8X but did a shit show.

Because of these shitty guys, We lost 87k of our own fund.

We will give more explanation to prove BSCLaunch is an absolute scammer in the next article.

Thank you.