Introducing BSC AMP

3 min readMay 12, 2021


BSC AMP is the First Asset Management platform to be built on Binance Smart Chain with Lending, Borrowing and other Services. BSC AMP is a non-custodial wallet, which means we don’t have user accounts and never have access to your funds. You just connect your Binance Smart Chain Wallet to BSC AMP. From there on, any transactions you implement will be strictly between you and the protocols that you use.

BSC AMP is the Binance Smart Chain DeFi Asset management web-based application which is a One-Stop destination for all the defi applications on Binance Smart Chain. BSC AMP will bring leading protocols and platforms to allow the users to leverage the maximum potential of decentralized finance on Binance Smart Chain. Our platform will provide an integrated approach to handle the DeFi assets in a simple and secure manner.


BSC AMP is a complete decentralized finance ecosystem that offers a wide range of solutions in one platform including lend, borrow, stake, farm, swap through decentalized Exchanges etc.

Lend & Borrow :

Our platform provides the top decentralized lending platforms on Binance Smart Chain and allowing users to lend their assets and earn interest passively with optimised rates and borrowing option with collateralization. So that, Users can easily lend and borrow their assets with multiple platforms in a single place.


BSC AMP will support non-custodial staking services for assets such as BAMP,….(More will announce soon). We will make it completely decentralized by allowing other projects to use BSC AMP as their Staking Platform. So that, Many Projects might use our platform as their Staking Platform. And also, This will help our users to stake their Multiple Assets on Single Platform.


Our Exchange Feature acts as Binance Smart Chain DEX aggregator, which means that it allows users to swap in our platform through an intuitive interface that connects to Decentralised Exchanges on Binance Smart Chain like Pancake Swap, Burger Swap etc.for the cheapest prices and reroutes its customers’ trades between them to try and ensure that they’re getting the best prices.

Our algorithm finds the cheapest way to place that trade using all the different decentralized exchanges and liquidity protocols on Binance Smart Chain that can facilitate this trade. The advantage of using our Platform for this is that you can buy Binance Smart Chain Tokens at a cheaper price.


We discovers and offer the best yield farms on Binance Smart Chain that our users can easily farm on. We will provide an aggregated list of best yield farms on our platform. Through our Aggregated list of yield farms, users can reduce the time loss due to excessive research. Here, Users can farms the highest yield available from the newest DeFi protocols, and optimizes the yields that are received using the latest farming techniques.


Non-custodial :

BSC AMP is non-custodial that that allows users to hold and own their private key while having full control of their funds. Ownership of the underlying assets is never revoked and tends to live in the wallet being used.

Automated :

Asset Management Tools on our platform are automated, meaning that rebalances, ROI Metrics, collateralization and swapping occur seamlessly without user/consumer interaction.

Globally Accessible :

Our Asset management platform is accessible to anyone in the world regardless of their location or tax bracket.

Updates and Notifications :

We will track the users assets in real-time with live price updates and push notifications.

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