Beaware of BSCLaunch

2 min readJul 8, 2021

BSCLaunch team is fully money minded and fraud. Here are some of the reasons:

BSCLaunch BSL Public Sale Fraud :

They Cheated everyone during their own Public Sale by creating ’n’ number of wallets and whitelisted their wallets only and distributed public sale tokens among themselves and Wantedly delayed the Private Sale tokens for more than 8 hours [ They asked to do same for our Private investors too. But I simply rejected]. So, Public sale and Private sale tokens are with themselves during listing. So, there is no selling tokens outside them and pumped themselves for nearly 100x and huge dump after that . This information is leaked from their KOLs(Influencers) only. I confirmed with 3 KOLs. So, It was 100% right.

[ After this, Some of the BSCLaunch fake telegram accounts will not accept it and say “ No, we got the allocation”. They had so many fake accounts to support them.]

Launch Multiple Own Projects unnecessarly :

The BSCLaunch team itself creating many Projects and raising more and more money. Ex: IMM.

The main lead of BSCLaunch team is the Co-founder of IMM. And also knowsome other projects too but didn’t had Proper proof’s for those.

Here you can see that “ He is the man behind BSCLaunch and also the Co-Founder of IMM.

Raising Money unnecessarily for every feature in a platform :

They already raised money for BSL token and they gonna raise and launch five more tokens from their Ecosystem. This one itself showing, how money minded they are. They are raising money for every single feature on their Platform.

One Platform/ Ecosystem : 6 tokens

Is it making any sense? I am not only asking BSCLaunch but also the community. you guys are literally encouraging this type of unknown fraud by keep on when “B-farm” on their group. If you see one of top platforms like Poolz which is far more better than these shit, had already providing poolz staking. Did they had their own token for staking?.

Think before investing on them.

Thank you.